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Easter Weekend Follow-Up

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We experienced a remarkable Easter weekend at ERCF! All of our services seemed to be packed out with family, friends, and guests (although there’s always room for more!) We had approximately 500 people here on Sunday morning–and are happy to be able to encourage so many people in their walk with God! Good Friday Service I have heard from numerous people who found the different approach to our Good Friday Service refreshing and inspiring. Yes, it was challenging with so many people to rotate around the corners of the Great Room and, at times, hear clearly without distraction with...

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New Year’s Resolutions–They Don’t Work!

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New Year’s Resolutions–They Don’t Work! However, CLEAR GOALS do! For many of us, the New Year is a great time to address goals as we reflect back and, at the same time, look forward to the promise of a new year. In fact, God is a God of new beginnings! After the flood in Genesis 8, the Lord said, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will not cease.” (Genesis 8:22 HCSB) The Lord knows we respond to new chapters in life–and wired us to do that just! The key, however, is clarity! We need to be very clear...

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Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned at Christmas

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This week, we begin our Christmas series, Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned at Christmas. With what is arguably the busiest holiday season of the year almost upon us, let’s use the momentum of Christmas as a springboard for connecting with our friends, neighbours, and family! Below is a schedule of the series’ Sermon Talks (and other things happening each Sunday!) November 24 Why Did Jesus Come? (also–a Baptism Service!) December 1 The Deepest Meaning of Christmas (also–faith stories and lunch!) December 8 No Crib for a Bed: The God of Every Circumstance December 15 Can You...

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On a Shoestring and a Prayer

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On a Shoestring and a Prayer is an old saying that means we don’t have what we’d like to have—but we’re praying and making do in the best way we can! The phrase was used in a contemporary western song by Nikki Hornsby with the same title: On a Shoestring and a Prayer. To our worship team, this phrase took on more meaning a few weeks ago! During the pre-service, Sunday-morning preparation time, all kinds of things went wrong! Consider some of our problems: Computer issues; thankfully, they were resolved. The video projector wouldn’t work. We tried to get the hydraulic lift in place to go up...

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Is Faith Reasonable?

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I had a very cool opportunity yesterday! I was asked to speak at a Guelph High School’s Christian Group during lunch hour. The topic: Is Faith Reasonable? Many students find themselves in an environment that tries to make faith out to be unintelligent, uninformed, or even silly. Nothing could be further from the truth! As Illustrations, I talked about Donuts, Dogs, and Tape Recorders! Using donuts as an object lesson (of course I brought donuts!), we examined the great philosopher of the Enlightenment period, Immanuel Kant, and his idea that reality comes to us filtered through our apparatus...

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Three Lessons to Take Away

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From all that was seen and heard at the Stronger Conference (refer to previous post), we have taken away three ideas to implement here at ERCF, using the acronym AWE. A-Alignment W-Wasting Your Life E-Empowerment Alignment is developing the common vision, purpose, and set of expectations that define ERCF’s culture and expression. We need to closely examine and change and adjust our culture to better reflect who Jesus is! Wasting Your Life was Judas’ accusation to the woman who poured out a year’s wages worth of perfume on Jesus as her act of worship. She was accused of being too extreme in...

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