Member Resources (Forms, Schedules)

Online Forms

Room Request: FYI: The church and school facility/property is a smoke-free zone. Thanks for your consideration. Also note, our Insurance does not allow any open flame candles. You may use battery operated/LED candles. ERCF is not responsible for items left unattended. If your event is not an ERCF ministry event and/or admission will be charged, special policies may apply. Remember to request room usage for all rehearsals and practices related to your event. IMPORTANT: Contact bookings at ercf dot ca immediately if you need to cancel your room request. Please make every effort to avoid the use of nuts in any foods entering the Elora Road Christian Fellowship.

Kitchen Use Form: This form must be completed for all events using the Kitchen.

Event Planning Form: This form is for use within the ministry of ERCF and ERCS.

Display Table Request: We recommend you submit your requests a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of when you want a display table used.


Printable Forms

Expense Claim:  Note that this form cannot be emailed. Submit it directly to the church office.

Annual Medical Form:  Parents of children and youth, please ensure that we have current medical and contact information at all times.  Do not email this form.  After completing the form, hand it directly to your child’s Kids or Youth Leader.


Volunteer Schedules

Ministry at the Elora Road Christian Fellowship is able to happen primarily because of the many volunteers who are willing to serve.


Master Schedule for Sunday Services (July 2017)

Master Schedule for Sunday Services (August 2017)

Master Schedule for Sunday Services (September 2017)

Master Schedule for END OF SERVICE PLAYING Sunday Services (SUMMER 2017)


Master Schedule for Summer Celebration (July 2017)