Working with Children and Youth at Our Church and School (vulnerable sectors)

At ERCF, we serve vulnerable sectors, including children, youth and adults.


  • Noah’s Nursery (birth through 4 years)
  • Kingdom Kids (JK through grade 5)
  • Elora Road Christian School (JK through Grade 8)
  • Wildlife (grades 6,7,8)
  • Amplified (high school+)


This web-page gives information about the screening process for people interested in working with children and youth at our church and school. Please note that the screening process does take some time; the sooner you start the process–the sooner you can start serving in our children and youth ministries!

Step 1

Complete an Application Form and Submit it to the Church or School Office

Click on these links to download/print application forms or pick one up at the Info Centre.



Once we receive your completed application form, we will check references and set up a personal interview with you where we take your photo for your ID badge.

Step 2

Take the Essentials Course


Contact Merf Bauman to take the course.
The Essentials Course is not a requirement if you only volunteer at ERCS.

Step 3

Get a Police Check Done


Visit the church or school office or the Info Centre to get required paperwork and instructions.

Step 4

Complete Initial Training


Part One: Read our Training Guide. Pick up your copy from the Info Centre or church or school office.
Part Two: Successfully complete “open book” online quiz(zes). *See Below

Which Quizzes Should You Take?

If you volunteer with ERCS students, please take the ERCS Quiz.


Do younger-aged Nursery and Kingdom Kids helpers take the Plan to Protect Quiz?


Yes. Parents or older siblings may give assistance during the quiz.


Who Takes Accessibility Training?


If you interact with children, youth, parents, or adults at either the school or church you must complete Accessibility Training and take the Accessibility Quiz. This includes all of our:

  • school staff
  • school volunteers (coaches, field trip drivers, helpers at sports events, classroom helpers, Hot Dog Day and other school event volunteers, etc.)
  • Noah’s Nursery and Kingdom Kids volunteers
  • Wildlife, Amplified, Young Adult leaders
  • Info Centre and Registration Desk volunteers
  • Host Team (ushers/greeters)
  • church Life Group facilitators
  • pastors and office staff
  • church team leaders
  • church staff

NOTE: volunteers younger than high school age do not need to complete Accessibility Training.


Quiz Notes

  • Do the quizzes on your home computer, on your laptop, at your local library, etc!
  • Complete one or more quizzes as they apply to you
  • Each quiz takes 15-30 minutes to complete (you make take longer if you need to)
  • Partially completed quizzes cannot be saved to finish later
  • Quizzes are “open book” style
  • Your quiz will be graded as soon as you complete it!
  • A grade of 70% or higher is required to “pass”
  • If you don’t get 70% the first time, you can try again … up to 5 times
  • There is no need for you to print or download quiz results; ERCF/ERCS will get your quiz results automatically


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