Lavish Summer Celebration
In Him we have redemption, through his blood, the forgiveness of sins in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that He lavished on us.
–Ephesians 1:7-8 

The root meaning of lavished is downpour.  Scripture tells us there has been a downpour of the riches of God’s grace!  This downpour washed away sin, guilt, shame, and all inadequacies.

In Christ, the Father has poured out His unconditional love and grace in abundance—without limit. He showers it on us like a torrent!


LAVISH Summer Celebration 2019 Speakers

John Lynch 2016 Full01
John Lynch-click for more info

As a world-class communicator, John is a vital Trueface staff member. In addition to speaking internationally with the Trueface team since 1997, John has co-authored The Cure, Bo’s Café, Behind The Mask, and his own story, On My Worst Day. John also powerfully delivered the classic Two Roads Two Rooms allegory, which the co-authors created for The Cure. This message can be heard or seen on the internet.


John served for 27 years as teaching pastor at Open Door Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona. The authenticity, longevity, and playfulness of these two communities, Trueface and Open Door, bring real-world reality and potency to the message of Trueface. John used his love for theater as a playwright and actor in Sharkey Productions, a troupe focused on gospel-anchored theater productions for those still seeking Jesus.


John and his wife Stacey often create inviting environments on their backyard patio and elsewhere for people to enjoy authentic community. They are passionate parents to their three children, Caleb married to Kali, with granddaughters Maci and Payton; Amy married to Cody, with grandson Ridge; and Carly.

Tracy Levinson-click for more info

Tracy Levinson is the best-selling author of “unashamed – candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness & faith.” In this work, she winsomely uncovers liberating truth on dating & sex through the Biblical lens of a graceful God.


As a former atheist, dramatist, and now Bible teacher, she speaks and writes on the topics of love, sex, marriage, parenting, beauty, truth, grace, freedom, and how all of that intertwines with an invisible God.

Through her goal setting BUCKET LIST workshops, she encourages others to strategically “live well.”


Learn more about her ministry at


Tracy and her husband, Bruce, currently reside near Austin, Texas with their two young adult children, Josh and Caroline.