Reaching people far from God and developing passionate Jesus’ followers

Our mission

The REACH team exists to fulfill ERCF’s vision of Reaching people far from God and developing passionate Jesus’ followers.” In other words, we prayerfully serve to make far-reaching impact in our world, not just in our immediate community of Guelph but beyond the borders of Canada.

Our goal is to serve as a bridge and connect our 12 missionaries to the ERCF family. Through this divine connection, our missionaries can share the faith-inspiring testimonies of what God is doing in their ministries. In turn, the ERCF family can actively engage with and support our missionaries (prayerfully, financially and passionately) in order to make a difference in the communities God has planted them in. God is leading us in 2019 to take this divine connection to the next level as follows:

  • Bringing our missionaries to the homes and hearts of all ERCF members

  • Increasing our outreach over and above the current 12 missionaries (i.e. wider and deeper) such as nurturing new and existing relationships, actively supporting new church plants and encouraging more youth internships.

Join Us!

Everyone and anyone with a passion for missions is invited to join our team.


Reach Team Meetings

3rd Friday of every month (7pm) @ ERCF

REACH Sunday

3rd Sunday of every month (10am) @ ERCF

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