Who We Are

 We have a vision, mission, and a set of five core values that have shaped our culture from the very beginning of our journey together. Every major decision we make as a church is filtered through these important statements.


Reaching people far from God and developing passionate Jesus followers.


Connect with Jesus and people—because we’re formed to be part of God’s Family

Reach out and share our story with others—because we were made for a mission

Equip believers in faith and love—because we were created to become like Christ

Worship Jesus unashamedly—because we are planned for God’s pleasure

Serve God and others—because we follow Jesus’ example

Core Values

1. People Matter (Reach)

People should be loved and accepted because God’s grace is extended to everyone, regardless of their performance. Love for people must never be bartered or bought. It is free!   

Every person bears the image of a glorious, beautiful God!

2. Knowing God is Our Calling (Worship)

When we experience God’s grace, we can’t help but love Jesus and worship Him!

3. Faith is a Journey (Equip)

Our faith—our confidence and trust in Jesus—develops as we get to know Him. His Spirit equips us and teaches us—in order that we grow in our knowledge, understanding, and relationship with Jesus!

Our knowledge of Jesus grows through knowing and applying His Word, the Bible.  Culturally relevant training equips us to apply our faith, bring the lost to Jesus, and extend hope to all.

4.  Community is Our Culture (Connect)

We were designed to thrive in community with other Jesus followers. Authentic life change occurs as we develop relationships that express openness, vulnerability, and the desire to grow closer to God and others.

5. Leaders Serve (Serve)

Greatness is achieved by serving others with no motivation of personal gain. God’s design is to serve and love together--within a team. We are called to serve and lead with humility and excellence using the gifts God has given us.